Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Must Read Yaw!

Since I was a little girl, I already started to read my sister's novel,
And when I big enough to buy my own novel, I started to collect it.(but my collection of novel sangat-sangat la sikit sebab susah sangat aku nak kumpul duit beli novel sendiri.)
I like to read many kind of novel, but lately it is hard for me to find a novel that are less cliche.
I already bored with all the romance novel that you can get from the bookstore.
Then I started to read novel from Ramlee Awang Murshid and Dan Brown.
But the content of Dan Brown's novel are far too heavy for a light reading you know. It forced you to think of so many things and it makes me dizzy sometimes. Nevertheless I still like t in the end.
Last weak, I went to Harris in the attempt to use up all my voucher and I found this really interesting novel that I think everybody should read it.


Just like the title say, this novel is about a ten year old boy who could see demons all around him and there was one demon that claims to be his bestfriend.
This boy, Alex, came from a messed up family. His father is a murderer which he witness by his own eyes and his mother had attempt so many suicide that forced Alex to be more matured than his own age in order he can take care of his mother and one day his mother got admitted to the hospital by another attempt of suicide. This lead Alex to a psychiatrist that want to  make sure that Alex is mentally stable after what he had witnessed. But there are so many things that happen that are beyond what a ten year old boys could do and even the psychiatrist start to think maybe there is a demon that ask Alex do all the things that he do.

You should read this novel.


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