Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Then Suddenly You Realize.....

You meet that person.
At first you never thought how your life would revolve around that person.
From a stranger being a colleague and then became friend.
From texting to calling and you guys start to hang out.
Everything seems so fine to you.
You feel like you have a chemistry with that person even though you guys always fight with each other.
And finally you start to feel comfortable with that person and you THINK you like that person.

Then suddenly you realize.
That person never felt the same like you did.
You try to throw away that feeling.
You start to delete your memory of that person.
You start to delete every message that you have with that person.

But you know you never be able to throw away that person from your life, as long as that person still live in your heart.
You missing that person so badly even that person right in front of you.
And that person never realize what they do wrong to you.
For making you feel what you feel right now.

And you have to accept the reality.
That is your world first problem.